Claire Lambe

The works in this gallery were done over a period of twelve years - the first pieces were done in the wake of the premature death of my sister and, even though I was not particularly young at the time nor was this my first loss - my father, a beloved aunt, and a number of acquaintances had passed on already - but it was the first time I felt truly mortal. The loss of my sister (two years my senior) resulted in many realizations including that many many of our shared experiences and the memories they had engendered had now become meaningless to all but me - the fragility of life and of our very essence as beings in the universe became painfully clear to me and this bled into the artwork; it became about the ephemerality of life and the nebulousness of  memory. Over the years, some works have gone to new homes and by doing so have become complete, but the works remaining in my possession are ever-evolving, in a constant state of becoming - hence the question mark in the title (2000-200?). Their starting point is always the figure. I gather, or invent, evidence of a life, an archive of drawings, photographs, letters, snippets from newspapers, lists from the phone book, maps, etc. The process of making the artwork is a process of losing, reclaiming, and again losing the evidence and, in so doing, discovering what survives: what is the residue that is left, and what does it mean. I feel they echo life as I now experience it. 

Mixed Media Work from 2002 - 200? 
Artist's Statement


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