Claire Lambe

Recent Work

My primary focus for the last several months has been the built environment - specifically the construction of condominiums for the second-home and tourist industries in third-world countries. In Costa Rica, where I spent the winter of 2015/16, I was fascinated and appalled by the peculiar phenomenon of new building projects going up, older unfinished building projects that had run out of money, for sale, and the remains of previous failed projects being swallowed up by the rampant vegetative growth that occurs in an area that close to the equator - and how these constructions, designed for foreigners, interface with the environment and the local community. It is no surprise that these projects are built on the nicest areas of coastline and as such remove the best views from public use and, often, block access to the most beautiful beaches. Images from this body of work are in Gallery 1 under "Recent Work" and preliminary studies (Costa Rica Studies) are in that same gallery.  For statements about my other art work, including my portraits (Gallery 2), please click on the menu for the main page. Most pages have a drop-down menu that will bring you to the appropriate portfolio or further information.

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Structure/Nature Exhibition at Cross Contemporary Art, April 2, 2016 Saugerties, New York