Claire Lambe

Recent Work

In the academic year of 2016/2017, I spent 10 months in Berlin as a guest of the Wissenshaftskolleg zu Berlin - Institute for Advanced Study - where my partner was a Fellow. Every week we attended at least one, often two lectures or colloquia on subjects as wide ranging as the social world of ants to the origin of Citizens United and the question of how David (Michelango's) might have used his sling. Each week I made a study of the listeners and, sometimes, the speakers - but mainly the listeners. The other area of interest I found was the duality I experienced in this city - the grim history that is ever present and the new story that is being written today. I was particularly struck by the welcome given to refugees fleeing from the war-torn countries of the middle-east - the diaspora that is in the process of becoming. Nearby the institute and the Villa which housed the Fellows and their families was the S-Bahn station, Grunewald, where large numbers of Jews were evacuated to concentration camps - the platform, Gleis 17, is now a monument to those lost people. Among the destinations listed, Theresianstadt, Riga et al, was one which I found particularly poignant - heartbreaking in fact: unbekannt or unknown. In honor of that, I call this work: Destination: Unknown, and dedicate it to all those who have left, and continue to leave, their homes and disappeared into the ether. 

Structure/Nature Exhibition at Cross Contemporary Art, April 2, 2016 Saugerties, New York

Recent Work

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