Claire Lambe

Following is a series of drawings titled "Destination Unknown" - each work is titled "Unbekannt" - unbekannt is the German word for "unknown." The text in the drawings is from a rubbing taken from a monument to the victims of the Nazis in WWII on Platform 17 in Grunewald in Berlin. Many of the raised inscriptions tell you the number of victims exported on a given date and where they went. On three the destination was unknown - unbekannt. This touched me deeply and it also occurred to me that, right now, there are people the world over being "disappeared" through war, forced migration, and genocide. This work is dedicated to those disappeared, past and present. 

~Mouse over the image to see the # and title/identity of the listeners. Click on any image to see the whole artwork and to generate a slide show~ 

Following are some additional drawings that didn't make it into the exhibition installation for reasons of space or because they are other versions of the works in the installation. Those with a seemingly darker background are not true to the original but the result of making photographs in poor light - they will be replaced with better, scanned, versions anon. 

The Listeners: the following set of drawings in ink was made over the course of nine months, October 2016 - June 2017, at the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin. The "listeners" are identified by first name and, in some cases, the initial of their surname. Some listeners were unknown to me so are identified only with a question mark.  The drawings are numbered according to how they were exhibited. Below these are some additional drawings that weren't in the exhibition due to space considerations. Most of the works are available as limited edition Giclee prints. Some works, such as the large "Colloquium" pieces only exist as Digital works.   

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