Installing Rock Paper Scissors installation.

The following downloadable PDF links include the review below and are to do with an exhibition in 2014:

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 Claire Lambe is a multidisciplinary artist, a writer, educator; she has also been a theater designer. Born in southern Ireland, she began her formal art education at age 17 at the Crawford School of Art in the Irish city of Cork. She transferred to Ireland's premiere art school, the National College of Art and Design (NCAD), in Dublin on a full scholarship earning a Bachelor of Fine Art degree (print-making) and a post-graduate Diploma in Art Education. Later she earned a Master of Fine Art (painting) from the City University of New York at Brooklyn College
Claire and her husband, author and playwright Carey Harrison, are based in the legendary arts colony town of Woodstock in upstate New York. In addition to making art in her studio, Claire writes commentary in the art section of Roll, an on-line arts magazine serving the Hudson Valley, and she is an instructor at the historic Woodstock School of Art.

"Claire Lambe's accomplished oil and acrylic portraits are a reminder that this most traditional of genres still has relevance today." Lynn Wood of the Kingston Times.  (See full review after the text below)


In 2016/17, Claire Lambe spent a year in Berlin as the partner of a Fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (Wiko) - Institute for Advanced Study and Research. While there she worked on developing a body of work inspired by where she was: the city, the neighborhood, the people with whom she was spending time and, most of all, the past history of the city and the history being created while she was there. This work, along with that of another Wiko artist, was exhibited at the institutes main building in Grunewald in June 2017 and the artists made this Catalog with texts about the work. An artist's statement about this work can be found in Gallery 1; to see the artworks, go to the drop-down menu under Gallery 1 and find the page titled "Recent Work." Statements about her other work, including her portraits (Gallery 2), can be found on the title page of each gallery. Most buttons have a drop-down menu that will bring you to the appropriate portfolio. For her Curriculum Vitae (CV), please go to the drop-down menu under the "About" tab - you can also download a two-page resume . For a more comprehensive bio of Claire Lambe, see this profile from the Almanac Weekly.

    Claire Lambe, Midas, 2016 (detail)