​​Following is a series of drawings titled "Destination Unknown" - this work was exhibited in Berlin's Wissenschaftskolleg (Institute for Advanced Studies) in June 2017. This work was made for a two-person exhibition with California-based artist, Susan Ossman. The exhibition was titled: Wissen/Schaffen (Knowledge/Making). Subsequently the artists produced a book of the exhibition with texts by both and also by anthropologist, Katarzyna Puzon​. Here is a link to the book.  See "Writings" in the menu bar for a more detailed account of how the work came to be.

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​The drawings were included in the June 2017 exhibition Wissen/Schaffen. The "listeners" are identified by first name and, in some cases, the initial of their surname. Some listeners were unknown to me so are identified only with a question mark; the drawings are numbered according to how they were exhibited. Some works, such as the large "Colloquium" pieces only exist as Digital works. These are amalgamations of the ink drawings and resemble the actual circumstances in which the ink drawings were made.  Most of the works are available as limited edition Giclee prints.

The Listeners: the following set of drawings in ink was made over the course of nine months, October 2016 - June 2017, at the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin during the once-weekly colloquia or talks given by the Fellows, many of whom were scientists and historians. I became fascinated by the observation of deep listening to scientific and historical truths in this current climate of non-listening, denial of science, and fake news. In a few cases I have included the speakers, but my primary interest was in the listeners.

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- From Berlin