Claire Lambe installing Swoop at the Athens Cultural Center, Athens , NY in 2014

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​"Four artists (Portia Munson, Trina Green, Paul Stewart, and Claire Lambe) provided vivid examples of the ‘diversity’ guiding my curatorial decisions." Curator Linda Weintraub in conversation with Donatella de Rosa about the exhibition Hudson Valley Artists 2012 at the Dorsky museum of art, for Roll Magazine, 2012. 

(RPS I) The Wish Installation at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of the State University of New York (SUNY), New Paltz. Click on any image to see the complete image and to generate a slide show. 

Swoop (part 2 of the Rock-Paper-Scissors suite) made for the "Road Kill" show at the Athens Cultural Center, Athens, New York.

Following are a variety of installation projects - the first three were created for the Woodstock Players, a theater company of which I was co-founder and resident designer

In the installations, Rock-Paper-Scissors suite, I explore the idea of wishes and their consequences, and luck and chance. 

Growing up in Ireland, almost everything was attributed to "luck" or the lack thereof. It was a constant refrain in conversation and, especially, in farewells - luck was wished on people and, sometimes, against them. Then, some years ago, I happened across the art of folding origami cranes and the legend associated with them which is that, if you fold a thousand, a wish will come true. But one person's wish can be, as we know, another person's nightmare or disenfranchisement. Wars have been fought over conflicting wishes.

​The crane in East Asian tradition is also a symbol of luck and with that comes the element of chance that the game "Rock, Paper, Scissors" represents.  Scissors can create or destroy (I like that no scissors are used in the making of the cranes). Rock or one of its ingredients, calcium carbonate, is present in so many things: our teeth and bones, and also seashells and eggshells - the latter being the incubator of life. Limestone sand, most of which is biogenic (made from bone and shell), is an ingredient in rock and also its fragile opposite: glass. In my pieces I have used eggshell and glass to stand for "rock".

Below is the most recent in the suite, RPS III "Endgame"- it was installed in the window of Cross Contemporary Art in Saugerties, NY as part o the Structure/Nature exhibition, April 2016