The subject of the 12 x 12 inch portrait on the left is a little boy called Reide. His face was the inspiration and the basis for the larger image on the left, a 60 x 48 inch mixed media painting titled "Our Child". "Our Child" is the once and future child who holds all the knowledge of the past and all the hopes for the future. He is our posterity and his survival is in our hands. 

The Anna Family - A Pentaptych of 12"x12" (cm 30 x 30) works in oil on canvas

Following is a series of titled The Home Towns Project: the project features residents of Claire's current home town of Woodstock, New York, and the town in Ireland, Clonmel, where she was raised. The first group is the Woodstock part of the project, below that are works from the Clonmel part of the project.

Following are paintings from the Irish part of the "Home Towns" Project - this included the first set of larger paintings in the next group. These and 20 of the Woodstock portraits above were exhibited in the South Tipperary Arts Center in Clonmel during August 2015. Visit the Blog for more info & images of some of the subjects next to their portraits.

**I will be teaching a portrait painting class: "Portraits from Photographic Reference" at the Woodstock School of Art (WSA) September 15-19, 2018 and April 9-10, 2019. I'll also be teaching an 8-week portfolio development class designed for entry to art school. For details, contact me via this website, or call the WSA: 845 679 2388  or go to the WSA website.**

In the following series of painting, sizes range from 14"x11" to 36"x36" (cm 35 x 28 to 92 x 92). Rest your mouse on any image to bring up its details, or click on an image to generate a slide show.

 - Portraits

"Lambe’s success in pulling off the [Home Towns portrait] project is a testament to her willingness to take risks, her openness with both friends and strangers – a quality that endears her to her portrait-class students at the Woodstock School of Art – and most especially, her powers of observation." Lynn Woods for the Weekly Almanac, June 9, 2016